Just created this Food Art Blog

Ever since I started a blog a couple of years back, the idea of combining art and cooking in my blog keeps coming up in my head. So finally, I’ve decided to do it. I wanted to add a page to my posterous blog that I could dedicate to cooking so that it would be “kind of separate”. This isn’t really possible with the constraints of the site so instead I’ve begun a connected blog.  It’s http://zealscooking.posterous.com. It’s not exactly mixing my art and my cooking commentary as I desired, but at least the new blog is giving me an online space to post, save, and document about food and cooking. I truly believe that cuisine may be the greatest form of art.  

I come from a cooking family. My grandmother, Edith Harris, had a small town cafe/juke joint in Phoebus, Virginia. It was called Langley Cut Rate and it was on County Street where there is now a Hampton University Bookstore. Everyone back home called Langley Cut Rate “The Place”. In her aging years, my father and mother took the place over. Now I begin the task of slowly trying to document recipes. The recipes that I post will be recipes that I invent or adapt. I get recipes from many sources; the people around me, restaurants where I’ve worked or eaten, books, and online.

I am happy to share and also look forward to posting my recipes electronically as a back up in case I lose them. The other great thing about this is that I can have access to my recipes if I’m away from my cookbook. 

This is a huge commitment. Not sure I’ll be consistent. I will try and I will try to post pics with the recipes.  My first posted recipe is Pecan Pie. I’m going to visit my Mom and was talking to her and she was surprised that I can bake it and she wants to try it. I was going to email myself the recipe – but starting a cooking blog is soooo much more exciting!


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