Slow cooked Grits with Hot Links and Avocado

Use old fashioned grits (not instant). These take about 14 to 20 mins
to cook. The old fashioned kind can be hard to find, especially if you
live outside of the south like I do. Quaker makes some and the only
place I can find then in Los Angeles is at target. Tip- don’t add salt
while cooking the grits because the sausages will be salty enough to
carry the dish.

Broil or grill your sausages so that they cook and get a little
charred. I like Far West hot chicken sausage links. They are louisiana
style and very tasty and lean for a sausage.

Chop the cooked sausages and place on your mound of grits (served in a
bowl). Chop avocado and garnish the top. Using avocado will balance
out the hotness and saltiness of the sausage, while adding color,
nutrition, and a smooth buttery like texture (in the absence of the

Using avocado is a good replacement for cheese.
If you must add cheese, then use grated sharp cheddar or peranno (not
sure how to spell).


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