Thoughts on Sweet Potato and Yam Flans or Creme Brulees

Great Pic of Purple Yam Flan Photo!

The Yam Flan at Candela Taco Bar on La Brea in Los Angeles is sooooo amazing that I want to try making it. I want it to be a blend of Soul Food and Latin Style though. So I want to add the same spices that Sweet Potato Pie has.  (Sorry for this bad pic. My Blackberry Curve takes sucky pics and isnt built with a flash).


I also want to give the bottom of the flan a bit of some kind of crust, maybe a mix of graham, whole wheat, and shortbread. Maybe only the crust should have the spices. Hmmm. I’ll have to experiment. I even thought about how one could try and torch the top like a creme brule. Wow. Then that leads to the question of…why not try making a sweet potato or yam creme brule…sinful! Oh yeah, I have been thinking about experimenting with Hawaiian purple sweet potatos for a pie. I could try it in the Flan too. Hmmm.

Just did this google search and this Yam Flan looks pretty good:


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