Coconut Cream Custard Pie with Graham Cracker Crust

My Co-Worker, (Yvette Sobky Shaffer) made this for a party at work last week and it’s the best Coconut Custard Pie that I’ve ever had. This is my favorite dessert, probably because it’s so unique and rarely done extremely well.  I’ve been collecting Coconut Cream Pie Recipes for a long time trying to hit a good one. I’ve only tried making it once and it was  disaster. My next level of mastery in dessert making is definitely learning the basic technique of making custard.

Yvette photocopied the recipe from “The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook”. I scanned the recipe and then uploaded it as a PDF. I tried to find the recipe online at America’s Test Kitchen website but you have to pay to access it (premium service).  On the crust is different than the recipe Yvette gave me from the book. If you click the link below, you can at least see an image of what the pie looks like. Yvette’s pie looked exactly the same as the picture and was so scrumptous!**ASCA00


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