Sagey Vegan Sausage and Grits

Morningstar Brand Sausage Patties
Canola oil
Ground sage
A few drops of Worschestchire Sauce
Chopped Chives or Green Onions

Old fashioned (not instant) Grits

Good the grits like regular with butter and salt to taste and preferred texture.

Liberally coat sausages on both sides and on bottom of pan with some oil. You shouldn’t submerge the sausage in frying oil though.

After putting oil add a couple drops or so of worschestsire to each patty and cover each side of sausage with sage. Flip to desired crispness. Keep the pan covered while cooking to hold in the moisture and flavor of the sausages. This will also produce sausages that are crispy on outside and soft inside. This is important since the sausages are textured soy and not meat.

Take sausages out of pan and quickly saute some grits into the “drippings” from frying the sausage. Garnish grits with chopped chives.

This recipe is good as leftovers too because it gives the sage more time to settle in. Just be sure to save your sausages in a way so that they won’t dry out.

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