Lemon Ginger and Flower Pepper Steamed Tilapia


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Like most of the time, I don’t have measurements for this recipe but here’s what I did:

I thawed a pack of trader joes frozen tilapia. (Fresh would of course be better!)

I then quarted each piece of fish so that each piece was about 2 inches across and 3-4 inches long.

I marinated the fish for a couple of days with about 3 inches of grated fresh ginger, about 7 chopped fresh green onion stalks, a good amount of Lawrys (or McCormick?) California style Lemon pepper seasoning and some fresh ground Trader Joes Flower Pepper (Black Peppercorns with Flowers).  Instead of salt, soy sauce or ponzu, I added some splashes of Braggs Liquid Aminos.  I also added a small dousing of peanut oil (maybe about  2 tablespoons?) and squeezed a half or a whole lemon over the fish. I marinated it for 2 days (basically until I had time to cook!).

To steam it, I boiled water and then dumped the ginger off the fish and put it into the water and put the steamer contraption on top of it. Then when the water came back up to a boil, I put the fish in along with all of the green onion pieces. I covered it and about every minute or 2, I checked the fish by poking with a fork and took out the pieces that got tender. It took probably 6-8 minutes for all of the fish to steam. Teh thickest pieces took 6-8 minutes but the thinner pieces were probably done in 3 minutes. Tip: Keep the water on a boil and don’t turn it down until the fish is done.

On the side I steamed some broccoli with 2 cloves of garlic and some lemon pepper. With the fish this makes a tasty low-calorie, low-carb, low sodium, high protein meal.

You may want to serve this with some fresh slivers of lemon to squeeze on the fish and the broccoli.


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