Cast Iron Pans and Cast Iron Woks

Just purchased a cast iron wok. Apparently, historically, the wok was made of cast-iron for centures.


So… Chinese cooks and deep southern African American cooks seem to have the same preference of cast-iron for cooking pans.  Now I feel ashamed that you can do so many more cooking techniques in a wok than I ever realized. I used to turn my nose up at an ex who only had a wok and one covered pot. Actually, after reading about woks, I think he had it right!

Here’s a good site on how to season and care for cast-iron pans and woks:


The one i purchased is extremely lightweight and thin. It looks like what they cook with in a Chinese restaurant.  I bought it for $10 on  Can’t wait to try it out!


Cooking with cast-iron pans is supposed to be healthier for you too.  Here’s an interesting link that gives a brief description of different types of cookware so you can decide which is healthiest or better for you.



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