Quick Bright Green Collard Greens


I simmer my smoked meat and get my greens broth going. I add the greens as usual but instead of cooking them down i turn off the fire as about as soon as i lift the lid and see that the greens are the brightest shade of green that they could get. At this point they are actually eatable. They are tender and just a little crunchy. This technique works if your timing is right so that the greens stay bright green. If not then it will just seem like the greens are tough and undercooked.

To keep the color and fresh tender texture i scooped out the greens and let them cool in very shallow dishes. I put the broth in the fridge to cool. Then i combed the two back together after cooled. I could have blanched the greens but was scared that id wash flavor down the sink.


2 thoughts on “Quick Bright Green Collard Greens

  1. Lucy IS a Thornton. That is her madien name before she married my dad 47 years ago and became Lucy Thornton-Edwards). I love ancestry!

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