ZEALOUS LIFE – Expanding the themes covered on my Cooking Blog

My dear friends and blog readers,

I’ve decided to expand my cooking blog to encompass other artistic/creative adventures of mine. From now on, I’ll be adding posts about dance and music to this blog. I’ll continue to post cooking stuff, but will also add home remedy and healing recipes for ailments as well.

I’ve changed the url (from zealscooking.posterous.com to zealouslife.posterous.com) and the name of this blog (from Zeal’s Cooking to Zealous Life) to further reflect this thematic expansion.  I’ve found that using a blog site enables me to search for things I’ve posted where twitter, tumblr, and facebook are more limited in this capacity.

I’ve been considering to do this for a little while now. At first I even thought about just having one blog (I have a separate blog for my art). But still think I should have one blog that’s just for art stuff because I need to have it for professional reasons –I think. 




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