Facts about Chia Seeds – Semillas de Chia


An El Salvadorean buddy of mine told me to get Chia Seeds because they helped to heal sprains and strains.  He said that carrot juice was good for this also.

I hunted down some Chia seeds at Simply Wholesome at Slauson and Overhill in Los Angeles. They were about $9 for a good size pouch.

The history of the seed is very interesting. This fact list says that the Spanish conquistadors outlawed the seed and other native foods and agricultural systems. Fascinating.

I prefer Chia seeds to flax seeds because they don’t have any flavor.  They are fun to put in juice because they get a boba-like consistency around them and add more substance to the drink. Now that I know it so good for you, I’m going to find ways to include it in my everyday eating patterns.




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