Mixed Greens with Turnips and Smoked Turkey Wings

Forgot to post this recipe from a couple months back. Basically I used Swanson chicken broth, a couple of smoked turkey wings, about 6 cloves of garlic, a serrano chili split in half, several chopped turnips, a couple pinches of cayenne, and a couple of bell peppers– one red and one green.

Simmer the turkey wings for about at least a half hour to an hour before adding the garlic, spices, and greens. Try to cut into the turkey meat to open it up to bring the flavor out as it’s simmering. You can even cut or pull off some of the meat so that you have chunks mixed in with the greens.


Simmer the greens to your preferred texture. Add the root vegetables before the end of your desired cook time (about 30 mins ahead of the end of the cooktime). Add the bell peppers about 15 – 20 mins ahead of your cook time.


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