Raw Kale Salad with Garlic, Artichoke, Parmesan Dressing


In Washington DC about a month ago, I found an Annie’s brand salad dressing at a local health food store called Glut in the Mount Rainier area that i cant find in LA. It was an artichoke parmesan dressing. As soon as i saw it i thought it would be wonderful to try it on a raw kale salad. I was right!

All i did was add some minced fresh garlic, some olive oil, and some salt and pepper to it in the bottom of a big bowl and then mixed the kale into it. You want to coat the leaves but not too heavily because the leaves will settle down as they marinate. After you dress the kale, the salad can be eaten after about 45 mins. Be sure to tear the kale into small pieces before tossing with dressing.

To re-create the dressing, i improvised. I put some creamy garlic dressing, 5 canned artichoke hearts, 3 cloves of garlic, and some fresh cracked pepper into the blender with some olive oil. Once that was mixed, i added some corn and shallot salad dressing to thin the mix and slightly sweeten it. Then i added some fresh grated parmesan to fatten it back up. After i got the dressing mix right, i added the kale on top and mixed it. I adjusted the salt and the flavor to taste.

My friend asked for cucumber, tomato, and mushrooms to be added. So i chopped those and tossed them in as the final step.

I didnt measure so here are the approximate measurements. Be sure to use half of the salad dressing to toss the kale and add the leftover dressing little by little if necessary or to taste. Take care not to drown the kale.

1 bunch of curly regular Kale
3 – 4 cloves of minced garlic
3/4 cup of garlic dressing
1/2 cup of corn shallot dressing
1/4 cup of olive oil
5 – 6 artichokes
1/4 – 1/3 cup of fresh parmesan cheese
2 chopped tomatoes
5 – 6 mushrooms chopped
1/2 cucumber chopped


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