Fresh Green Peas w/Teriyaki Salmon, Masala Patty & Yellow Rice w/Coconut Milk and Red Beans


I bought a bag of fresh peas from Trader Joes (10 oz bag). I didn’t know what to do with them.  So, when in doubt…use butter!

I toasted some East Indian spices in about a heaping regular kitchen spoon of butter (a tablespoon?). And I used a pinch of the following:

cumin seeds, mustard seeds, indian chili powder, mild jamaican curry, salt.  i used a pinch of 2 more indian spices that i don’t know the names for. one looks almost like cumin but its a bit stubbier and rounder with no sweetness. the other indian spice is brown and ground/powdered.  My Indian friend gave me a set of classic Indian spices that had about 8 spices in it and these 2 spices she couldn’t remember the indian names for them. I’ll have to remember to get those names.

I only toasted the seeds for about 20 – 30 seconds. Then I put the peas in and shook them around to coat them and then I added enough water to just barely cover them. I put the top on the pot and brought the peas to a boil.  After about 2 minutes, I looked through the pot and saw the peas were bright green. I tasted them and they were perfect! (I kept the top off so they wouldn’t keep cooking). I had good instincts.  The instructions on the Traders Joe’s packaging said to cook the peas for about 90 seconds. They were so wonderful.  They should never be sold in a can! They were little fresh flavorful pops and so healthy.

I ate my peas with some leftover rice cooked with coconut milk and tumeric.  Red beans had been added to that batch (sort of Jamaican style).  I had a piece of Teriyaki salmon and a half of a Trader Joes Masala burger. It was a surprisingly amazing dinner that will make a great dress rehearsal for when I seriously cook a meal.  This was just a throw together thing.  I couldn’t even take pics because I was eating leftovers on a paper plate and didn’t have enough food to put onto a clean plate to take an appetizing pic!




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