Macque Choux aka Fried Corn

Spicy Fried Corn

Fried Corn AKA Maque Choux

(recipe to pic above found at link below)

I always wondered what to call a stir fry that’s made with corn.(I’ve made up a few of these). I like to make a favorite one with smoked lousiana sausage and other ingredients. I’ll post a recipe later.

In soul food cooking, we call it “fried corn” even though it’s sauteed.  I was looking in the “La Bouche Creole” cookbook, and came across a Maque Choux recipe that was more liquidy than fried corn and stewed with tomatoes, onions, and chicken. Did some research and came across this link for a sauteed corn recipe of Native American origin also called Macque Choux. This website says the recipe is offered by the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana .. who learned this from Al LeBlanc, a Chitimacha.  Wikipedia states that the word Macque Choux is either french or native american or some mix of the two. I wonder if there are some other Native American names for fried corn? There just has to be since they pretty much invented corn!  They must make it every way it could possibly be made!

So now I can call my stir fried corn dishes Maque Choux.  (Creole pronunciation is “ma show” like Ma as in Mama).

Other indigenous recipes on this site interest me as well. I heard my grandmother used to eat poke salad. I saw wild greens like poke on this site as well.  I also saw acorn recipes there (reminds me of Octavia Butler, the black science fiction novelist who mentions foods made with acorns).


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