The Key Lime Pie recipe i use

click here for the pdf document of the key lime pie recipe that i use (with my notes)

I prefer the pie filling to be a bit thinner with a thicker, homemade buttery crust that I add a touch of ginger and cinnamon and salt to.  I don’t use sugar when I make the crust and I only add enough butter to moisten the graham cracker crumbs.

The notes on the recipe constantly evolve. I always add fresh berries on top because I like how the berries cut the richness of the pie.

Sometimes I make a raspberry, mango and/or a guava sauce. I make it by simply pureeing the fresh fruit and straining out any seeds.

The recipe says 10 mins but I think it’s more like 20 when you make the pie from scratch.  I keep checking it after 10 mins and when the pie just begins to stiffen up in the center, I take the pie out and cool it.  It’s really important not to overcook this pie.  Also, use the freshest eggs possible. Every once i a while, I’ll have key lime pie that has a strange taste it. Not sure if its because the eggs aren’t fresh enough, or a little too much butter from the crust seeps into the filling as its baking.

The pie must be cooled and refrigerated before serving. This will help it to firm up a little more also.




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